Catching a bus back to KL ain’t an easy job. I arrived at Larkin bus station at 2pm this Sunday, expecting to meet a bunch of people calling up to me asking me to get on their buses. Surprisingly, none came. So I proceeded to the counters asking for a ticket to the next bus, but they told me 5pm was the earliest one back to KL. Lost… I wandered around hoping to bump into someone shouting KL! KL!

2.30pm: I walked up to a KL bus asking whether there was still any more space, he said no, next one was 3.30pm. Ok… I thought whatever, I might just get it first before it gets sold out

3.30pm: No bus came.

4.00pm: Same thing happened.

4.30pm: Well, finally the ticket guy came over and asked us to follow him… to a normal bus that has 3 seats per row! Not your average intercity coaches that you can sit comfortably but those that you need to cramp up with your mates. Remember those school buses you traveled to school last time? Yeah, you  get the idea. Luckily, it turned out that we were only taking this bus to Tampoi where we would change into another normal coach. That was heartening. But some Chinese lady sitting in front couldn’t take this news. What was offered to her when she bought the ticket was a non-stop bus direct to KL. This bus would drop some people of at Seremban first after changing at Tampoi before making it to the final stop. She started making a huge fuss out of it and tried to rally the rest of the passengers on the bus to complain at the bus company. She asked for a refund and said that she would write to the newspapers and all sorts.

For me, it was just another sickening bus ride between JB and KL. I was promised the same thing that it was a direct non-stop bus to KL. I was even charged RM5 more than normal ‘cos they said “not enough buses today, take it or leave it!”. Nah, I’ve been through these kind of promises so many times that I can’t even bother anymore. Guess I should’ve taken the KTM back to KL but trains hae a tendency to break down or be late as well. Should’ve flown in to KL, right? =D

Unsure of the time, I fell asleep soon with  some conscious that the bus was filling up fuel. The next thing I knew was that I was already near Yong Peng! What ever happened to the changing bus thing that he said just now? Life’s just great… RM35 for a low cost bus… that’s nice.

It’s 7 o’ clock now and I’m somewhere near Ayer Keroh, planning to post this up  once I get home. Another thing worth noting are the Mat Rempits that I passed along the North South highway… One of them wore their glasses like this… damn funny… They reminded me of something that the lecturer said during my motorbike lesson. These guys would unscrew their side mirrors ‘cos they think that it would reduce wind resistance! Haha… that’s an interesting concept. Indeed, 8 out of 10 of the Mr. Mats that I saw didn’t need the use of their side mirrors. Yeah, wish them god speed.

Interesting facts on motor bikes:

1. My brother who drives a van in Singapore told me that whenever he needed to e-brake due to a motorbike zooming around his vehicle, there would be no doubt that the bike had a license plate that started with J.
2. Same main character: my brother. He took motorbike lessons in Singapore and it turned out that it was so hard to get a bike license in singapore as compared to Malaysia. For starters, the bikes that they learnt on were fully manual bikes where they could 死火 just like cars. Malaysia lessons were conducted in so called “auto” bikes, where you can just simply change gears.

In the meanwhile, let’s just hope that no more weird things happen before I reach KL.