I don’t like changes, don’t like farewells, and I am emo.
Well apparently, tis the season to get moving… tralalalala lalalala…

Maybe I could say that I’ve never rented a place before and this is my first time staying away from home since my high school years. It just feels so weird when the people whom you’ve been living together for nearly one and a half years can end just like that. I don’t like it. It has been this way ever since I could remember, how I hated leaving my Science 2 friends, how I hated leaving my high school, how I hated the way things turned out to be between me and the friends that I had cared so much for.

Life goes on.

But emo, I am not today. I am frustrated. Leave my hamsters alone… TQVM… Nobody understands how I care for these “pets”. Just let me be

And please don’t fight. I’m agitated. I hate it when you fight. Why can’t you all just live happily with each other?

That’s all… my worst post ever… as I am frustrated and agitated.

Time to sleep.

Timetable sucks. 8am to 6pm every single day.

Time to sleep.

Over and out.