Bits and Pieces of my Life

It’s the last semester for us UTAR Broadcasting students… Thought I’d post up a simple Excel program I made few semesters ago for you guys…

It’s simple and easy to use… Just key in all your previous results in the blank spaces. Then tryout a few grades that you’d probably get this semester and see how it affects your CGPA… this way you’ll know how much you need to aim for!

Cheers, Happy Chinese New Year and good luck this sem guys!
Download CGPA Calculator Now

I don’t like changes, don’t like farewells, and I am emo.
Well apparently, tis the season to get moving… tralalalala lalalala…

Maybe I could say that I’ve never rented a place before and this is my first time staying away from home since my high school years. It just feels so weird when the people whom you’ve been living together for nearly one and a half years can end just like that. I don’t like it. It has been this way ever since I could remember, how I hated leaving my Science 2 friends, how I hated leaving my high school, how I hated the way things turned out to be between me and the friends that I had cared so much for.

Life goes on.

But emo, I am not today. I am frustrated. Leave my hamsters alone… TQVM… Nobody understands how I care for these “pets”. Just let me be

And please don’t fight. I’m agitated. I hate it when you fight. Why can’t you all just live happily with each other?

That’s all… my worst post ever… as I am frustrated and agitated.

Time to sleep.

Timetable sucks. 8am to 6pm every single day.

Time to sleep.

Over and out.

After an “emotional” meeting with my dear group members about the biking trip, took a tiring trip to KLCC for the PC Fair! Yoohoo!

Super jam all the way, no idea what I’d be doing if I were driving a car…

So me and Julian went there with high hopes of some good deals and some good “eye-openers”^^… Well we did get some, though not enough.

My wishlist: 500GB 3.5” HDD, Card Reader, Camcorder

Julian’s wishlist: not that I know of… haha

Well, Julz was telling about how he used to frequent the Philharmonic Hall last time and I thought of how expensive it would be. According to him, a student price could even be as low as RM10! which gave me a shock, as I thought that these shows were something like few hundred bucks. Well of course the RM10 seats wouldn’t be the best you can find but still it’s a big bonus.

Mental note: let’s go watch it before the end of this  year!

Back to PC Fair!

Turned out our timing for babes weren’t really good as there weren’t any (sad to say), although after checking out the online pics that other people took then only I realized how much we missed. Check them out!

Fortunately we found our good deals… I found a Kingston Card Reader selling for RM49, which I thought was exceptionally well-priced! I thought that these card readers were priced up to a few hundred ringgit. Well, be it that I got a good deal or that the price was like this anyway… I got what I wanted at a much lower price than expected… A generic brand Card reader easily costs up to RM25, so why not fork out a bit more for a more reliable card reader that even comes with a 2-year warranty?

Kingston Media Reader

Press the button in the middle and voila!

Kingston 2

The slots pop out!

There weren’t much choices for camcorders, so I just gave up. HDDs were simply just dropping prices like crazy, and I thought why not wait a while more? and get a 1 TB! hehehe XD

Julian bought a 8GB Kingston thumbdrive, for Ashley… erm, no comments ^^

All in all, not much spent, which is good… Working tomorrow at Salomon X-Trail… Check out the offroad X-Trail Run this Sunday at TTDI Lembah Kiara Park!

Writing a post per day before sleeping was always something I wanted to do since very long ago.

Today, let’s make it a fact.

09 May 09… Here I am sitting in front of the computer in JB… First night back to JB since my Finals have finished… It seems that I really learnt a lot this semester compared to the previous one. The most probable reason is that the first semester I wasn’t really accustomed to staying outside on my own… seems that this freedom has gone over my head and I couldn’t really focus on anything… Life wasn’t organized, so was I…

Well, glad to say that it’s been quite a different life this time… Everything’s settled down this year, with no more problems with the house renting… everyone’s settled down… Though I must admit that there are still certain problems with certain housemates… but well, guess I’ll just have to live on my life…

One thing worth noting though, I had five subjects this sem… namely Mass Media and Society, Malaysia:Cultural and Religious Studies, Radio Broadcasting, Introduction to Advertising, and English for Mass Communications… I could say that the only two subjects that interested me were Radio BC and Advertising.

Haha… for Radio BC, I scored the highest marks for the coursework marks in the whole class XD… damn, I’m so happy…!!! haha… It’s been such a long time since this kind of thing happened to me… I got highest for the individual DJ live show and also our group Radio Production assignment. Hell, I even scored highest for the mid-term exams haha…

Anyway, what I’d like to say is that I was really impressed with our radio production. For those of you who don’t know. We comprise of a four-member group and we produce five productions for radio:Drama, Commercial, News, Sound Bite (live reporting for news) and Public Affairs Interview… We record the voices and sounds ourselves, edit the stuff, add in the sound effects… voila! we got 29 out of 30 for this group thingy!

Wait for it… I’ll upload the stuff for to the net…>.<

Anyway, here’s the comments by our lecturer… (more…)