January 2009

话说有一天,在KL住了一段日子过后,我假期回到了新山。。。习惯了在KL吃东西的时候就叫“雪茶”(sheet cha)。。。

在新山,我往常地在杂饭店叫“雪茶”,结果那个人应该是听成“绿茶”(leet cha)。。。拿了一罐绿茶给我。。。



‘你的msn每次都放“ Yes, and I’ve updated my blog… blah blah blah”,害我每次去查都看到一样的东西。。。’


让你知道,我已经换了msnçš„Private Message…下次真的有更新才会写出来。。。


Haha… one would think when they see the topic that i took a luxurious bus back home to JB for Chinese New Year… apparently not…>.<

A few weeks ago, worried of not getting tickets to go back to my hometown for the festive seasons, I bought two train tickets for me and Gladys dated 22nd January 2009 21:19 hours. Due to a few reasons, of which I play a big part, we didn’t make it in time for the train! I even called up the station master of KL Sentral asking him to give me one more minute as I was only an LRT stop away from KL Sentral… He told me no, they had to be strictly on schedule!

So, there we were, at KL Sentral, with the people there telling us that the train had just left the station around 10 seconds ago… My only hope was that we could take the KTM Komuter and hop on to the train in Seremban… So the Komuter cost another RM6…

Reaching Seremban after an hour and a half long journey, I guess most of you would know what happened… Yeap, we didn’t manage to reach there in time for the train…

So there we were, stuck in Seremban at 11.30 in the night… (more…)

You know I really meet so many interesting ppl in the process of my house rental…

So it happened that our house lacked a fridge and someone had a fridge from his house and he brought it over, just that he wanted us to share the transportation costs… which was RM150… dividing into seven people using the fridge will be around RM21 per person…

So… here comes the interesting part…

Mrs. Wife and Mr. Husband who were staying in the same room… I collected RM36 from them as a discount for being in the same room… So then, Mrs. Wife said to me after I told her the costs…

Mrs. Wife: “Hey Lim, how come you charge us for two person using a? I’m using it only but my husband never use!”


Ok… so tell me how am I supposed to reply to this question… Yeah right, and why not I just charge them single person charges for the electric and water bills? She could have said that she uses the light but her husband doesn’t… >.<