I’m sitting in front of the computer

Reading up tutorials on Dreamweaver

Feeling lonely and needing someone to talk to

Listening to songs that touch my heart

Thinking back to the days that had been so fun and wonderful


I notice “好朋友 和你msn很輕鬆 雖然每次讓我等夠久 我要袋袋袋袋”


I give you a call hoping that you’re still awake

Out of the blue you didn’t off your phone

But are you still awake?

No you don’t return my call…

Realizing that this song is such an appropriate song for my dear sister who’s going off to Germany for two years…

August 31st will be the day you’re flying off.











Realized that it’s also been such a long time that I’ve played guitar…Haha the times we had when we were practising Hotel California… Vincent’s house, Kai Zhi’s house, Andy’s house, Yu Feng’s house, my house… All the crap we’ve done… Those were fun days.

A small dedication to my dear Hotel California buddies… why, even Lu Ling took part in the Hotel California performance during 毕业典礼… haha… She took over 以恒’s place…



and to my dear friends whom I’ve seemed to more or less lost contact with…

Love is all around…>w<

Hope to see you before you go back to Taiwan, 耀光…



Catching a bus back to KL ain’t an easy job. I arrived at Larkin bus station at 2pm this Sunday, expecting to meet a bunch of people calling up to me asking me to get on their buses. Surprisingly, none came. So I proceeded to the counters asking for a ticket to the next bus, but they told me 5pm was the earliest one back to KL. Lost… I wandered around hoping to bump into someone shouting KL! KL!

2.30pm: I walked up to a KL bus asking whether there was still any more space, he said no, next one was 3.30pm. Ok… I thought whatever, I might just get it first before it gets sold out

3.30pm: No bus came.

4.00pm: Same thing happened.

4.30pm: Well, finally the ticket guy came over and asked us to follow him… to a normal bus that has 3 seats per row! Not your average intercity coaches that you can sit comfortably but those that you need to cramp up with your mates. Remember those school buses you traveled to school last time? Yeah, you  get the idea. Luckily, it turned out that we were only taking this bus to Tampoi where we would change into another normal coach. That was heartening. But some Chinese lady sitting in front couldn’t take this news. What was offered to her when she bought the ticket was a non-stop bus direct to KL. This bus would drop some people of at Seremban first after changing at Tampoi before making it to the final stop. She started making a huge fuss out of it and tried to rally the rest of the passengers on the bus to complain at the bus company. She asked for a refund and said that she would write to the newspapers and all sorts.

For me, it was just another sickening bus ride between JB and KL. (more…)

Super tired after the trip back to JB and was sleeping from evening till 11pm++… then I realized…

Kai Zhi’s birthday’s coming up in 10 minutes…

Just so that you know who this lucky guy is…

Birthday Guy =D Mr. Birthday GuyAnother pic of him XD

Haha… no lar… this is me… He’s the one behind me… on the right…

By the way, these were the photos of a Piano Concert at Foon Yew High School which we performed at around 3 years ago… man, that is such a long time ago… We were so young… and innocent… =.=” Yeap, we’re the Eaglets haha… performing Hotel California!

Well, back to the topic… I organized a spamming party on msn to spam out his phone… turned out that only 6 of us joined this party… >.<


After spending nearly a WHOLE week of packing up the house (serious), it’s about time that I go back to JB. but then going back to JB would mean that I would have no comp to do my Illustrator assignment! Problems… Well then, spent my Thursday night doing work until 6am and I had to wake up Friday morning damn early to catch the 8.30am KTM back to JB…

Guess what? I woke up at 7.50am… ok… might still have a chance. Jeffery fetched me to Asia Jaya and I was met up by so many rows of people waiting for the LRT… haiz=.=… I wouldn’t think there would be a chance for hopping on the KTM anymore. Luckily this time I didn’t buy the tickets first.

First LRT came… and went… too packed… only a few managed to get in…

Second LRT came… same packness… Do or die I just squeezed in along with my huge haversack, then the stupid LRT door just closed with such force, and scraped on to the wound on my hand. (as to how I got the wound, check the earlier posts) Had to stand like sardines with my wound open and bleeding till I got to Pasar Seni.

Took a bus anyway, and left the KTM trip for another time…

09 May 09… Here I am sitting in front of the computer in JB… First night back to JB since my Finals have finished… It seems that I really learnt a lot this semester compared to the previous one. The most probable reason is that the first semester I wasn’t really accustomed to staying outside on my own… seems that this freedom has gone over my head and I couldn’t really focus on anything… Life wasn’t organized, so was I…

Well, glad to say that it’s been quite a different life this time… Everything’s settled down this year, with no more problems with the house renting… everyone’s settled down… Though I must admit that there are still certain problems with certain housemates… but well, guess I’ll just have to live on my life…

One thing worth noting though, I had five subjects this sem… namely Mass Media and Society, Malaysia:Cultural and Religious Studies, Radio Broadcasting, Introduction to Advertising, and English for Mass Communications… I could say that the only two subjects that interested me were Radio BC and Advertising.

Haha… for Radio BC, I scored the highest marks for the coursework marks in the whole class XD… damn, I’m so happy…!!! haha… It’s been such a long time since this kind of thing happened to me… I got highest for the individual DJ live show and also our group Radio Production assignment. Hell, I even scored highest for the mid-term exams haha…

Anyway, what I’d like to say is that I was really impressed with our radio production. For those of you who don’t know. We comprise of a four-member group and we produce five productions for radio:Drama, Commercial, News, Sound Bite (live reporting for news) and Public Affairs Interview… We record the voices and sounds ourselves, edit the stuff, add in the sound effects… voila! we got 29 out of 30 for this group thingy!

Wait for it… I’ll upload the stuff for to the net…>.<

Anyway, here’s the comments by our lecturer… (more…)

The Guy & The Gal








Happy birthday once more… 好朋友。。。

Today, one of my housemate(gay) tried to pinch another housemate’s(guy) bare nipple… How GAY is that?!

话说有一天,在KL住了一段日子过后,我假期回到了新山。。。习惯了在KL吃东西的时候就叫“雪茶”(sheet cha)。。。

在新山,我往常地在杂饭店叫“雪茶”,结果那个人应该是听成“绿茶”(leet cha)。。。拿了一罐绿茶给我。。。



‘你的msn每次都放“ Yes, and I’ve updated my blog… blah blah blah”,害我每次去查都看到一样的东西。。。’


让你知道,我已经换了msnçš„Private Message…下次真的有更新才会写出来。。。


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